It’s a free phenomenon

Interesting piece from John Owen in Revolution on the free phenomenon when it comes to apps in the social media space. He points out that:

” The smartest companies will be those who realise that low cost might as well be no cost, and give their product away for free”

And, to illustrate the point, he gives us the current hero’s of our age; Yahoo! (unlimited email storage) YouTube *unlimited bandwidth) and Google (unlimited processing power).

But of course, there’s countless others. The sheer potential, and speed of development in the online arena can be put down to the millions of developers, prolifically creating applications. And this is obviously a good thing becuase it means people like us can do almost anything our imagination allows. But, wading through the crap can be a massive ball ache and just keeping up to date with it is an almost impossible task, but to be a true specialist in the field, it is essential.

So here’s a couple I want to share – I learned about these from the excellent Rik Haslam at the recent NMA conference.

Social mention – it seems pretty impressive, and is basically like Radian6, but for free. Not convinced how accurate the data is but certainly a useful snapshot tool for getting clients to think about their footprint in the online space.

The Way Back Machine – gives a retrospective look at what websites used to look like – not quite sure of the application but absolutely fascinating.


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