Twitter or Twatter

In the (contrived) words of David Cameron, do too many Twitters make a Twat?  Possibly in my view, and over the past 12 months, as Twitter has gained mass adoption, there’s been, frankly, too much talk about it from people who should know better.

Now I’m not negating the effectiveness of it as a marketing channel. Brands can use it as a brilliant extension to the customer facing marketing strategy, like Dell , and brands can use it truly terribly, like Habitat . But, for all the hype and rumination around this channel from the marketing industry, I see it as just that – one more channel, albeit, one which can be extremely effective in the right context.

I had my epiphany a recent NMA  briefing, which, while interesting to a point, involved a large number of senior people spending hours intellectualising Twitter, and talking about high-level Twitter theory and strategy. Guys – get over, it’s just one of many, many communication channels out there that can be used to get your message across to your audience.

Now Twitter isn’t going away anytime soon (though interest will doubtless level off as soon as the next hyped application comes along) and it can be extremely useful (as I have found out with several clients). But, with a few exceptions, you can’t build a whole campaign around Twitter, just as you’d struggle to build an effective campaign around, say, a single Facebook profile. For an idea to reach it’s potential, I believe it’s all about integration; that’s when you’ve got a truly powerful campaign.


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