W*nk work bingo anyone?

We all know this industry is truly terrible for jargon. I’ve certainly been guilty of it, and sometimes I’m in a meeting and I just think are you for real when someone drops an absolute classic.

This reminded me of a story I did for the very-excellent agency prego* a year or so ago, which was based around a piece of research bemoaning the use of terrible jargon in our industry. I re-read it and it cracked me up so here’s a few classics –

The ‘least favourite’ jargon words emerged as

–          ‘Let’s take this offline’ (44%)

–          ‘Bespoke Solution’ (18%)

–          ‘On message’ (14%)

–          ‘Web 2.0 (12%)’

And on a more serious note –

–          The ‘department of shame’ which used the most jargon words emerged as Digital, with 20% of people voting for this.

–          97% of respondents thought people used marketing jargon as a way to hide gaps in their knowledge.

–          91% said they were NOT impressed when they heard a colleague or agency using jargon

–          53% admitting they sometimes used it themselves to impress others.

W*nk word bingo anyone?


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One response to “W*nk work bingo anyone?

  1. God, this brings back memories of Car Shop meetings.. Personally, I hate ‘thinking outside the box’ and ‘at the end of the day’… dreadful!

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