PR stunts – the real election battle

The past few weeks have been hectic week in PR land as agencies think up increasingly absurd ways to crowbar their clients into the news, using election-themed hooks. As all PRs know, leveraging a calendar event – whether it’s Easter, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or whatever, can be a great way to get positive media coverage for a client. But, it can be a thankless task as journalists get pitched to hundreds of times with similar stories (anyone tried an April Fool’s story recently?) and any idea needs to be really creative, and not at all contrived in order to achieve standout.

Here’s a few stunts that have caught my eye in the last few days.

Pizza Express – the General Election Pizza

It’s a great idea, with some great coverage too, and it links brilliantly with the brand’s key messages. I love the choice of toppings which reflect the big issues of the campaign. So this includes caviar, representing the debate about class and equal opportunities, and dough balls for the national deficit. But, there doesn’t seem to be much online support for this on their website.

Ikea – kitchen desgns for would-be PMs

Again, a clever idea, well executed, Ikea has created the BRUN, KAMERUN and KLEGGI kitchens, matched to the personality traits of the leader. So the BRUN is “durable and prudent for the economically conscious”. The supporting website is also top drawer.

Common people

Not a PR story per se but worth a mention, this brilliant Tory-slating video has now gone viral. Partly due to the fact that it’s extremely funny.

Hallmark Daddy Dance Off

And finally, Hallmark’s efforts. In the interests of disclosure, this is one of my clients, but here’s a glimpse into what the leaders might have got up to in the green room before Thursday’s Leaders Debate!


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