Mad Men Does PR

So the fourth series of Mad Men began last night. Exciting stuff, especially for people like me who work in an agency environment, who end up inevitability comparing the way things were done then, with the way things are done now (in essence, generally less smoking, drinking and womanising).

So, let’s not focus on Don’s womanising, Betty’s new husband or Pete’s continued smarminess. What I found interesting about last night’s episode was that it featured Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce’s first foray into PR stunts, albeit a brief one.

It went a bit like this. An ad campaign for a baked ham manufacturer prior to Thanksgiving fell flat. So…when advertising failed, they turned to PR. Peggy conjured up a very clever stunt where two ‘actresses’ pretended to fight over the last ham in a store. The fight gets out of hand, and bang, the New York Times runs a lead on it with the headline “Hams that are worth fighting over’. Brilliant. Except it didn’t quite go to plan as the two actresses take each other to court over the fight.

Is this a lesson about what happens when ad companies think they can do PR? Don’t get me started…

Image used under Creative Commons, courtesy of ozjimbob


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