The best free dance music

In the words of Hunter S Thompson: “Music has always been a matter of Energy to me, a question of Fuel…I am a serious consumer”. Same here, as it happens, and that’s why I’ve become obsessed with seeking out podcasts within the strange and freaky world of electronic music.

Over the last few years, the quality of free (legal) material has just got better and better, especially when compared with the kind of guff that labels like Defected and Hed Kandi spew out. Here’s my top electronic(ish) podcasts and Soundcloud downloads, with a brief John Peel-esque synopsis for each.

1) Wolf + Lamb radio Loads of mixes from Zev & Gadi at the Macy Hotel in Brooklyn, plus music from their label mates. I would classify this as innovative house and techno.

2) The Fabric Podcast Every bit as good as the Fabric compilations, focusing on ‘back to mine’ type musical influences of each artist. The Mad Professor and Greg Wilson episodes are currently my favourites. These are as eclectic as it gets.

3) Resident Advisor. A proper musical education, weekly mixes from a wide range of DJs and producers, from mainstream (Danny Tenaglia) to more obscure (Isolee, Caribou) and everyone inbetween. Supported with detailed interviews and tracklistings at

4) The Magician. An ex-member of Aeroplane, these regular Soundcloud ‘magictape’ mixes are warm and cosmic.

5) Aeroplane. The one remaining member, these mixes are more eclectic than The Magician, getting into much more cosmic territory, with a fair bit of 80’s influence.

6) Prins Thomas The occasional club set, which are absolutely banging. Great if you want something other than standard 4/4 beats.

7) Greg Wilson. Brilliant house and disco mixes recorded live from various clubs. The Back to Basics New Year’s Eve mix is a great starting point to his sound.

8) Jimmy the Mince. Jim from Crazy P – lots of soul and funk. Not been updated for a while, but some great music on here. Think Roy Ayers, Al Green and Otis Reading.

9) Bodytonic Podcast. More mainstream than the RA podcast, but some great mixes from big DJs such as DJ Sneak and Joris Voorn.

10) Lazpod. Weird, weird goings on from Damian Lazarus. Really well produced and some strange sounds on here.



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3 responses to “The best free dance music

  1. Drewy

    Will is Great. Thanks dude, will be listening in.

  2. ps. my deeplinking clearly didn’t work. Apologies. FAIL.

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