So I see the old ‘flashmob’ idea has been trotted out again, this time for St Patrick’s Day at Sydney Central Station, courtesy of Tourism Ireland. It featured  the cast of Riverdance – in town at the time – spontaneously launching into one of Michael Flatley’s finest.

But as old-hat as a flashmob is, if it’s well executed and timely like this one, I must admit it’s still hugely entertaining, and has real ‘stop and stare’ value. What’s important here is talkability, and it delivers this in spades, providing it’s about the brand, of course. Here it is in it’s glory:

The real authority on flashmobs is a New York collective called Improv Everywhere. They’re a ‘prank collective’ who aim to cause scenes of “chaos” and “joy” in  public places. Of course, they’ve got the advantage of not always being tethered to a brand, but this is inspiring, creative stuff. Here’s three of my favourites.

Frozen Grand Central Station


No Pants!


The Worst Ice Skater ever


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