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mflow – getting paid for your mixtapes

There’s an interesting new music sharing service that’s just launched, mflow, which is currently in its beta phase.

I’ve been interested in music streaming services and internet radio for a while now, particularly as they’ve started to evolve into something more social. A past favourite for example, Grooveshark allows you to stream free music, build playlists, but also share them via links, as well as all your preferred social platforms.

But back to mflow. It follows a familiar model; you follow your friends, and therefore follow their music streams, all of which is free. You can also follow artists, DJs, celebrities and so on and hear what musical nuggets they recommend. You, in return can ‘flow’ tracks to your listeners, returning the favour.

But, here’s where it gets good. If anyone decides to buy the music you ‘flow’ to your followers, you get 20% rake back from the price of the track, which does sound too good to be true, admittedly. But while for the average person this might not amount to much, for more established music bloggers, DJs or artists, this could become a useful revenue stream. And it’s certainly motivation to start building really interesting, quirky playlists, which could breathe new life into art of the mixtape.


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Forget Tweeting, it’s all about Boo

My current favourite application is audioBoo. It’s the audio equivalent of Twitter, where users upload short audio clips, detailing the intricacies of their lives. It’s simple: instead of a ‘Tweet’, you ‘Boo’. Current King of the Internet, Stephen Fry is a massive advocate (obviously) as are the usual crowd; tech geeks, musicians, but few brands, interestingly.

But it’s not all plain sailing. It’s all pretty raw; the site is ropey as hell and is prone to sudden errors, and whether it ever achieves mass adoption is another thing. But, it’s certainly a clever, useful and interesting tool. And, if it all sounds a bit of an esoteric medium, there’s a PhoneBoo app, letting people without iPhones boo away too.

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