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Sydney Street Art part 1

…As seen in the inner east and Surry Hills


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IKEA do it again with Store View (and how shit hot Scandinavia is when it comes to digital)

We’ve had Google street view, and more recently the racy Diesel island view, but now we’ve got IKEA Store View.  It’s a nice piece of interactive work by Forsman & Bodenfors to launch a highly anticipated new IKEA store in Vasteras, Sweden.

Let’s not forget the kind of mad excitement a new IKEA store can generate in a neighbourhood, and this is all about capitalising on that sentiment.

Visitors to the site can get a 3D sneak preview of inside the store covering a staggered 40,000 meters. They even get to meet the manager, ‘Freddy’ with hidden competitions throughout the store to win IKEA goods.

Ikea are consistently innovative when it comes to digital, and Scandinavia are shit hot when it comes to online work. In fact, this view was confirmed when I watched a Mumbrella interview by foul-mouthed but bang-on Mark Comerford at Hyper Island, a digital “creative leaning academy” in Sweden.

He puts this down to the region having pretty much universal internet access, followed by ubiquitous broadband access, meaning digital companies are used to having this powerful infrastructure to play with. He also says Sweden is used by UK and US companies as a test-bed for new apps and technolgoies, to see how they’ll play out in this highly connected environment. More of this later as it’s an interesting issue for sure.



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Absolut Art Collection

Vodka brand Absolut have launched a pop-up gallery in Sydney’s arty and too-cool-for-school ‘burb, Surry Hills. It’s called the Absolut Art Collection, a free travelling showcase with a difference, touring major cities around the world.

Absolut has a long standing association with contemporary  art, and the exhibition features a number of brand collaborations including Andy Warhol, Louise Bourgeois as well as more recent collaborators like Spike Lee, Spike Jonze and a favourite of mine, Glasgow’s David Shrigley. Perhaps unsurprisingly, these typically play out as a piece of artwork incorporating the Absolut logo or iconic bottle, with varying degrees of success. At worst this does seem like a cynical branding exercise.

It’s set in a very New York-y lounge bar setting at the Ray Hughes Gallery, complete with cocktail bar (guess what they’re serving) and live DJ with some impressive special guests.

Alcohol brands are bang on it in terms of experiential brand events. In terms of Absolut’s credentials as a cool, relevant and creative brand, this is spot on. But how they justify the ROI from events like this is another question.


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The World is Fucked Up, According to Diesel

Apparently, the world is fucked up, so Diesel have created their very own island, land of the stupid, home of the brave.

It’s a nifty idea, brilliantly executed, from a brand that has been really pushing itself creatively over the last few years.  Visitors can suggest laws to pass on the island, public holidays or even verses for a national anthem. If enough people like them, then they become official. There’s an island community where you can get to know the neighbours, and there’s even ‘Island Street View’.

This is an extension of their Be Stupid campaign which kicked off last year. The work’s been carried out by Santo London with production by Stink Digital.


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