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The World is Fucked Up, According to Diesel

Apparently, the world is fucked up, so Diesel have created their very own island, land of the stupid, home of the brave.

It’s a nifty idea, brilliantly executed, from a brand that has been really pushing itself creatively over the last few years.  Visitors can suggest laws to pass on the island, public holidays or even verses for a national anthem. If enough people like them, then they become official. There’s an island community where you can get to know the neighbours, and there’s even ‘Island Street View’.

This is an extension of their Be Stupid campaign which kicked off last year. The work’s been carried out by Santo London with production by Stink Digital.


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Valentina Brostean; some disturbing, brilliant, creepy art

Last year I went to Exit Festival in Serbia; one of the most eye-opening and amazing weeks of my life.  While I was there I came across a local artist called Valentina Brostean, who produces creepy, fantastic and disturbing images across a variety of media; the kind that stayed with me long after I left. I urge you to check out his work, which will lodge itself in your mind too, whether you like it or not. Below are a selection of his digital paintings, the collection entitled Whisper of the Silent Walls.

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