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Taking a gamble on Facebook

After looking into social media options for a new online gaming client, I found that Facebook is planning to faze out all gaming ads on its site. This ban covers all areas of online gambling advertising including sportsbooks, poker, casinos and bingo. By barring online gambling ads, Facebook is essentially putting this form of entertainment in the same category as firearms and tobacco which are also not allowed to be marketed on the site. Facebook is arguing that with a young customer base, it needs to draw a line when it comes to advertising and online gambling is an easy mark.

But weirdly, alcohol currently remains ok to promote on the site, with Facebook allowing this providing the responsible drinking message is carried. And furthermore, there remain countless apps like Facebook poker, on the site, presumably because no money changes hands.

Marketeers can still establish fan pages and groups to market to consumers, with numerous brands already doing this successfully, and it will be interesting to see where Facebook is willing to draw the line.


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