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Media comment: Sydney Morning Herald


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Life before my iPhone (and a recent cruel twist of fate)

I’ve just taken part in an experiment with the Sydney Morning Herald into what it’s like to go for a week without an iPhone. It wasn’t actually as bad as I thought it would be, and here’s the full diary I kept (many of my witty observations were cut out, I feel). In a cruel twist of fate, today I actually lost my iPhone, so now I’ve got to go through it all again. Urghhhhhhh.


  • Only a short walk to work, but I like to catch up with emails and see what the UK office has been up to while I slept. Oh, wait, I can’t. Get immediate feeling of anxiety and dread, until I realise it’s just a 10 minute walk until I can check my laptop. Phew.


  • A strange sense of calm washes over me when I realise I can’t “be got hold of”. I like “not being got hold of”.  In a moment of weakness I briefly consider using a phone box but the handset looks suspiciously greasy. Give it a miss. Get into the office to find that three people have emailed me asking where I am. Ooops.


  • Middle of the week, meaning it’s now sufficiently long enough after Saturday night to justify drinking alcohol again. However, lack of planning and Google maps mean that I’m left walking up and down a street for 10 minutes before I have to find it ‘manually’ – i.e. stopping someone to ask for directions. This immediately restores my faith in the good will of humans.


  • Lack of headphones on a train to a client meeting means I have to endure the conversations of a group of school children. From what I can gather, “Darren” has cheated on “Sonja” but she’s “ok with it”. I wonder how socially acceptable a pair of ear plugs worn in public would be.


  • After work drinks in the Beresford. Have an epiphany of sorts; if a social media consultant doesn’t check into a bar, is he really there? I think about this for a while as I realise I can’t use Foursquare or Scvngr.


  • I realise going for a run without headphones on is actually much safer as I can hear the cars.


  • See some great street art in an ally way in Surry Hills. I’m collecting examples for a post on my blog but I can’t capture it. Damn.
  • One of the many curses of the iPhone is to “quickly’ check emails before going to bed, which inevitably leads to a sleepless night as I think about work. For once, on a Sunday night I don’t do this, meaning I sleep like a baby, dreaming of Monday when I will be connected once more.

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