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Four of the best gambling publicity stunts

Sydney, the original ‘sin city’ has this week played host to the annual Australasian Gaming Expo, the region’s largest gaming equipment trade exhibition.. It’s a big deal in the gaming industry, especially given that the event comes at a time when the political spotlight on the Australian gambling industry is shining brighter than ever.

So I thought it was a good time to revisit some of our all-time favourite gambling marketing stunts. With the media reticent to cover gambling, creativity is the order of the day and brands look for increasingly audacious, wild or tasteless ways to reach consumer directly. The result: a lot of fun!

1) A British man bets it all

While controversial, Ashley Revell’s plan to sell everything he had, including his clothes, and place all the money on red at the roulette table in Plaza Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, Nevada, certainly garnered publicity. Revell placed a total of $135,400 on red, and luckily – for all involved – it came good and he came away smiling.

2) Casino of Venice create roulette at the airport.

A simple idea well executed, when the Casinò di Venezia turned the baggage carolsel at Venice airport into a branded roulette wheel, there’s few people who wouldn’t have seen it, not to mention the pages of media coverage generated from this smart stunt.

3) Golden Palace – every stunt under the sun…

Where do you start with GoldenPalace.com? The online casino carries out by far the most audacious stunts, which, time after time, generate mass publicity. Past activities include sponsoring a real-life birth, a woman changing her name to GoldenPalace.com, and sponsoring Dennis Rodman at the running of the bulls in Spain. Here’s one of our favorites (and one of the most disgusting!)

4) Circus Casino’s Perfect Poker Face

Ok, this is one of my own, and it never reached the lofty heights of William Shatner, but achieved real media cut through all the same. We thought: what does the ‘perfect poker face’ really look like? To find out, Circus Casino analysed the faces of the 10 most successful poker players of all time…and this is the (slightly scary) result: the $40m face!

Let me know if there’s any I’ve missed!




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Taking a gamble on Facebook

After looking into social media options for a new online gaming client, I found that Facebook is planning to faze out all gaming ads on its site. This ban covers all areas of online gambling advertising including sportsbooks, poker, casinos and bingo. By barring online gambling ads, Facebook is essentially putting this form of entertainment in the same category as firearms and tobacco which are also not allowed to be marketed on the site. Facebook is arguing that with a young customer base, it needs to draw a line when it comes to advertising and online gambling is an easy mark.

But weirdly, alcohol currently remains ok to promote on the site, with Facebook allowing this providing the responsible drinking message is carried. And furthermore, there remain countless apps like Facebook poker, on the site, presumably because no money changes hands.

Marketeers can still establish fan pages and groups to market to consumers, with numerous brands already doing this successfully, and it will be interesting to see where Facebook is willing to draw the line.

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