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Media Comment: Sunday Telegraph

I’ve been quoted in a Sunday Telegraph article on the legal, or semi-legal alternatives to iTunes. An interesting debate for sure.

The last few years have seen a rise in online streamed music services, which are a hybrid between digital radio stations, and social networks. These allow users to listen to music on demand, usually for free and often via their mobile handset, as well as share playlists and recommendations with their friends.

These services operate in a curious legal position, which is under constant scrutiny from record companies, but unlike peer-to-peer download services, they are not illegal for the listener.

The majority monitize through paid-for premium subscriptions and advertising, while many have also struck revenue kickback deals with record labels, creating an interesting emerging revenue model for the record industry, one which has traditionally been slow to adapt to social media and the digital revolution.

We’re massive fans of Grooveshark, MFlow and Jeli in the office, though let us know if you’ve got any other suggestions we should check out and whether you agree with Nick’s points.

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