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Media comment – the PR Report

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Alright, snow

So, if you’re like me, you’re getting increasingly sick of reading Facebook updates on how bad the snow is. From the relatively calm (Sunday to Monday) to the increasingly hysterical (Wednesday morning onwards).

Local TV news are also in their element, last night resorting to three-way split screen ‘on the scene’ report of different snowy areas across Yorkshire, all showing essentially the same gloomy scene. So, I though to myself, the perfect opportunity to try out some snow-related analytics…

So firstly, #UKSnow and Snow are top trending topics on Twitter, as you’d expect…

There’s massive peaks on Trendistic around 5th Jan as people talk about the snow…

And mixed feelings around the snow on a Tweetcloud – ‘inches’, ‘love’ and ‘falling’ all feature

And my favourite, panic as people search for salt suppliers, the RAC and boiler repair men!

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